Handicap Accessibility

Handicap Accessibility

Mrs Fix It Inc consists of many experts in making your home more accessible by modifying the surroundings.

Many people with disabilities or limits - whether old or new - have difficulty getting in and out of their houses. There could be steps leading up to the front door, or the doors could be excessively tiny. Bathrooms frequently lack adequate space for wheelchair access and have other obstacles that make them difficult or impossible to use without assistance. Home modifications enable people to move around their homes and stay at home.

Trust Mrs Fix It Inc to get you the help you need, whether you have a major job or a list of small jobs, here's how Mrs Fix It Inc can help:

  • Grab Bar Installations
  • Installation of Access Ramps
  • Bathroom Re-fits
  • Hand-Bar Installation
  • Lowered Counter-tops
  • Widening Door Ways
  • Chair Lifts
  • Stair Lifts/Glides
  • And much more!

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