Help for Kadence Johnson

Help for Kadence Johnson

Posted on Feb 4, 2022

Mrs Fix It Inc has started a fundraiser for Kadence Johnson. After 2 years of countless medical procedures and many negative test results, including negative Lyme results, her family finally received positive results. Kadence who is now 5 years old has tested positive for: Lyme Disease, Tick Borne Relapse Fever, Babesia, and Bartonella Disease. The positive test results came on the 3rd attempt.

Her parents watched their bright, talented young girl, lose herself. She has lost interest in everything she once had passion about. She started losing her fine motor skills, her focus, attention span, ability to enjoy what she used to have passion for, as well as new things she may have passion for because of the inability to focus and enjoy life. She has multiple seizures a week, many during the middle of the night, which not only is hard on her, but also her parents. She sleepwalks several times a week, so they have to have ears out, as well as monitoring, baby gates. Eventually looking for her own therapy dog. During these episodes she is in excruciating pain. The past 2 years have been the hardest thing they have ever watched and experienced.

Kadence's Health Insurance won't cover the specialist recommended medications and a special procedure: S.O.T./Anti-Sense Therapy. It's a two part procedure, and takes up to 6-7 months to complete and can require more than one. One procedure alone costs several thousand dollars. Between all of her other medical bills (medicine, testing, ER trips, hospital stays, specialists, etc). They are seeking to get a therapy dog trained for her specific issues as well. We would love for everyone to donate any amount that you have to help this family.

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